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Looking for One of the Best Gift Boxes Delivered?

Looking for One of the Best Gift Boxes Delivered?

We get it. You just don’t know what to give as a gift, but you are sure of one thing: It’s not going to be cash this year; you want to give something unique and thoughtful. Did you know Honeytown Meats offers one of the best gift boxes delivered?

Why Send a Food Gift Basket When You Can Send a Honeytown Meats Gift Box?

Sending food has always been a sign of showing you care. Food gift baskets have been a popular choice, but they are hard to wrap and ship.

You can still show people you care, but you can save time and hassle by selecting a gift box from Honeytown Meats and having shipped to their door. You order online, and we take care of it from there.

Why Have a Honeytown Meats Gift Box Delivered?

Unlike other meat subscription and delivery companies, Honeytown Meats got its start on a farm. Founder Logan Rohr, a third-generation farmer in Wayne County, Ohio, wanted others to experience the quality of meat he enjoyed growing up.

Logan’s parents and grandparents always raised animals for food, and the quality was unbeatable. He didn’t understand why every family couldn’t enjoy the same beef quality, so he set out to make it a reality. Honeytown Meats was born.

When you send a Honeytown Meats Gift Box, you send high-quality food raised with love in the rural Heartland.

What Kinds of Gift Boxes does Honeytown Meats Offer?

The heart of Honeytown Meats is our monthly subscription service, where families can have boxes of our mouth-watering, tasty meat delivered each month. However, we also offer one-time gift boxes that require no subscription.

If you want to have one of the best gift boxes delivered, you can choose one of these four:

  • Beef Gift Box: Steak lovers will appreciate this box. It features two filets, two ribeyes, 2 pounds of ground beef, and one chuck roast.
  • Beef & Chicken Box: This is an excellent box for families with kids. This gift includes 2 pounds of beef patties, 2 pounds of ground beef, 2 pounds of boneless chicken breast, and 2 pounds of chicken tenders.
  • Grilling Box: This is a wonderful choice for those who enjoy grilling out. This gift box offers 4 pounds of beef patties, 5 pounds of chicken drumsticks, 4 pounds of chicken tenders, and 1 pound of hot dogs with cheese.
  • Variety Gift Box: This is a well-rounded offering that features three ribeye steaks, three top sirloin steaks, 4 pounds of beef patties, and 4 pounds of chicken drumsticks.

Who Sends Honeytown Meats Boxes as Gifts?

Honeytown Meats boxes are popular gifts for loved ones, family members, friends, and corporate gifts. Yes, corporate gifts.

Companies often spend good money on gifts for clients and employees. Sometimes, the people receiving the gifts have no use for them.

But, everyone needs to eat, which makes Honeytown Meats a wonderful gift. If someone eats meat, then purchase one of the best gift boxes you have delivered from Honeytown Meats.

The Honeytown Meats Difference

Honeytown Meats raises beef cattle on its farms in Wayne County. Its goat, chicken, and pork are raised on other local, family farms. The meat is processed just down the road at a local processor.

Each item is vacuum sealed and individually frozen to retain freshness, quality, and taste. Then, the beef, goat, chicken, and pork are stored at Honeytown Meats.

It surprises some people to discover beef labeled as “Product of the USA” might actually come from Australia or South America. If the meat is raised outside of the United States, shipped here, and processed at a plant in the states, then it can be labeled a Product of the USA.

We proudly raise, process, and pack our meat in the USA. Honeytown Meats does not import beef from foreign countries have it shipped halfway around the world on cargo ships.

Order One of the Best Gift Boxes You Can Have Delivered from Honeytown Meats

Logan, his family, and his group of family farmers put a lot of love into raising their animals in the best way possible to provide the best products available.

And, when you send a Honeytown Meats gift box, those who receive it will know how much you care. Order a gift box today.

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