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Easy Pot Roast

Easy Pot Roast
pot roast with potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms

For this specific Pot Roast, we used a Honeytown Meats Round Tip Roast, but any of our beef roasts will be delicious in this recipe (you can find all roast options here) This is perfect for an on-the-go family, as it can be tossed in the slow cooker or oven in the morning and ready to enjoy by dinner time. The ingredients can be switched out with whatever your family prefers. 


-Honeytown Meats Round Tip Roast

-6 medium red potatoes

-3 large carrots

-12 mushrooms (stems removed)

-2 packs McCormick Savory Pot Roast seasoning

-1 box chicken stock

-1 sprig of oregano

-1 small bunch of parsley (optional)

Wash all produce and begin prepping. Depending on the size of your potatoes, you may want to cut them in half or cube them. Baby potatoes are a great option and can be left whole. Add potatoes to the bottom of the pot or slow cooker. Add your Honeytown Meats Round Tip Roast on top of the potatoes. Cut carrots into desired sizes or use baby carrots. Remove mushroom stems. Add carrots and mushrooms to the pot. Toss in a sprig of rosemary, or your favorite herbs. Add the Pot Roast Seasoning packets along with a box of chicken stock. A small bunch of parsley can be added.

Cooking Instructions:

Slow Cooker: 8-9 hours on Low

Oven: 8-9 hours at 225°F or 4 hours at 350°F

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions!

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