Corporate Gifts

Send the gift they won’t re-gift: Honeytown Meats

A Rare Gift Like No Other

As a leader, you want to express your thanks to your clients, suppliers, vendors, and workers. But, how do you show yourself to be thoughtful and appreciative? Give a gift that will resonate with them long after they receive it: Give them a Honeytown Meats gift box filled with beef, chicken, goat, or a mix of each.

A Tasteful Gift
Done Well

Shows you care

Food gifts have long been viewed as gifts of love and caring. When you give a Honeytown Meats gift box, you show you care.

A Truly unique gift

When you send one of our gift boxes, it will be unlike any other gift you can send. Trust us, no one will re-gift a Honeytown Meats box.

tastetful, easy gift to give

When you give a Honeytown Meats gift box, you are sending what we think is the most delicious gift ever. Our locally raised beef, goat, and chicken is sure to please.

Gift-Giving as Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Choose
Your Gift Box

Choose from our delicious, high-quality beef, goat, chicken, & pork.

2. Delivered to
Their Doorstep

We pack each box with care so we can deliver quality products to their door.

3. Enjoy our Farm on Their Fork

Explore the recipes on our blog and experience the difference of Honeytown Meats!

Honeytown Meats reviews

High quality meat and high quality packaging! This is the meat solution that the supermarket has been fearing, support local farmers!
Linsey Watson
Gift Box Recipient
All I can say is WOW!! This company gets a 5-star review from our family. The meat was amazing!! We ordered the create your own box and it was perfect for our family of 5. We had 7 meals with the meat package we ordered.
Janell Poulette
It was so simple to have this gorgeous roast delivered right to my door. It was packed with dry ice and still frozen from the trip from Ohio to GA in 100 degree weather.
Gina Dickson