Our Story

Logan Rohr, the founder of Honeytown Meats, is different from most people: He’s never had to go to a grocery store or butcher shop for beef. His family has been farming in Wayne County, Ohio for generations. 

Growing up, his father and grandfather raised cattle to provide beef for the family. Today, Logan follows in their footsteps with just one difference: He is raising cattle for his family and yours!

An idea is born

In 2019, Logan sat around a table with friends and talked about the industry, and he longed for a better way to deliver beef and other meats to consumers.

photo of Logan Rohr, founder of Honeytown Meats, and his family around the dinner table.

While talking with those friends, Logan had an idea: Why not offer the beef he raises to other families so they can enjoy fresh, tender, and tasty locally grown beef? He set out to provide a quality product and cut out the middlemen.

A safer option

While the idea for Honeytown Meat came before the COVID-19 pandemic, since the Coronavirus outbreak, more families have embraced having food delivered to their homes. Contactless deliveries have become the norm. Honeytown Meats’ shipping process, with every cut of meat and roast individually vacuum-sealed for freshness, assures safe and contactless deliveries.

Handled with care

Farmers live by this motto: If you are good to your animals, they will be good to you.

“The animals are our heart and soul; they are,” Logan said. “We do everything right with them. They are our passion.”

For farmers like Logan who raise livestock, the animals are their #1 priority. They take care of them each and every day.

Delivering a ‘perfect product’

When it comes time to bring the cattle to market, beef producers tend to be at the mercy of the major meat packers. Once the cattle are sold to them, the process adds extra steps, more people, more distance, and more time between the farm and your table.

When you buy your beef, goat, chicken, and pork from Honeytown Meats, you streamline delivery. Logan follows the product through every step of the process. The meat goes from the farm to the local processor down the road, and back to Honeytown Meats before being shipped to you.

With the options to ship directly to consumers, “It puts an absolutely perfect product on the market,” Logan said. “We know the animals. We know the products are the freshest.” Because of the farm-to-table process, it cuts out the middlemen. 

At Honeytown Meats, the team combines their passion for great food with their knowledge of the agricultural industry to make high-quality products more accessible to you and your family. 

Nowhere else can you get this variety of meat, at this level of quality, shipped right to your doorstep. We take pride in our work and know that when you order Honeytown Meats, you won’t be disappointed! We guarantee it.

Discover for yourself the quality, tenderness and great taste of locally grown meat when you order from our online store today.

Honeytown Meats is proud to ship USDA Certified high-quality beef, chicken, goat, and pork raised in America.